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Fertility Centre IVMED

Fertility center IVMED was founded in 2013 by fertility specialists MD, PhD, professor Galina Strelko and MD, PhD Veronika Ulanova.

Medical team

Medical team includes
12 fertility specialists.

Embryological team includes 8 embryologists.

Subdivisions include cytogenetic and molecular genetic laboratories.

Embryological laboratory

Re-built in 2019 in a full compliance with latest ESHRE standards for embryological laboratories.

Available techniques: ICSI, pronuclear transfer, maternal spindle transfer, ROSI (round spermatid injection), time-lapse etc.

Security and responsibility

Special «IVF ID Whitness system» for biomaterial labeling, scanning and identification. The system protects biomaterial from being mixed using special multilevel peers cross-check. The influence of a «human factor» on data is excluded.

Medical protocols of ovarian stimulation

Special protocols
with the lowest risk of HOSS syndrome

Egg donor base

All donors (aged 19-32) are examined according to requirements of Ukrainian Ministry of Health 

Donors are additionally examined for carriers of 6 genetic pathologies

Sperm donor base 

All donors (aged 20-40) are examined according to requirements of Ukrainian Ministry of Health 

All donors have high sperm quality (count, motility, and morphology)

Number of IVF cycles
per 1 year

1600 cycles (in 2021)

Cycles success rates


Average on-going pregnancy success rate, patient’s egg cells, female patient’s age 35-40, male patient with normozoospermia


Average on-going pregnancy success rate, egg donation, female patient’s age 35-43, male patient with normozoospermia 


Average success rate of blastulation (normal sperm quality)


Average success rate of donor frozen oocyte thawing

Fertility specialists

Halyna Strelko 


Veranika Ulanova 


Liliia Makarenko


Olga Pranova


Karolina Parpalei


Oksana  Lyzohub


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