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Transparent terms of cooperation

Oocytes can be ordered as sets of a minimum of 8 cells

Guarantee of successful oocytes thawing

Guarantee of successful thawing 95%

Technologies of successful vitrification of oocytes

Unique methods of evaluation and selection of oocytes for freezing

Team of the best fertility specialists and embryologists

10 years of work experience, proprietary egg donor stimulation protocols, best cryopreservation mediums

Outstanding embryological laboratory

The embryology laboratory is built in full compliance with the latest ESHRE standards

Searching a trustful partner?

A large database of egg donors with extended information profiles

Any additional information can be added as per your requirements

Donors are examined according to the basic list of infections and carrier of a number of genetic diseases.

It is also possible to carry out additional examinations

The donor selection process can be organized according to your convenience: you can use an electronic database or our coordinator can select and offer a number of profiles according to the specific parameters of the request

All necessary medical documentation:

medical reports, psychological assessment of the donor, acts of transfer of biological material, etc

Service of biomaterial shipment

Special guarantees for successful thawing of biomaterial, 95%

We are registered by

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

New York State Department Of Health

Provisional License For Tissue Bank Operation

Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Сanada)

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

ISO 9001:2015
Quality management systems