Find your ideal donor for IVF program

You have green eyes, charming smile, you adore romantic movies, reading, walking in the rain, or you are a fan of sports? 

Your donor too!

IVMED OVO egg and sperm donor base
contains profiles of different donors

examination list

All donors selected on a base of strong examination list, including infections, carrier of genetic disorders

Extended donor profiles

Donor profile includes photos, education, hobbies, and other personal characteristics.

Various filters for different donor characteristics assist you in your perfect donor selection.

Sperm donor selection

Donor selection includes extensive quality screening and personality interviews. Donors must fulfil all requirements to become part of the donation program.

Screening process before donors are approved evaluates semen quality and screens sperm for hereditary, genetic, and contagious diseases

Transportation of biomaterial

According to your wish and plans, we can help with the organization of transportation of the biomaterial we can help with the organization of delivery process to designated clinic in your country where you are planning to get IVF treatment (please check local requirements) – depends on local requirements

Advantages of delivery of cryopreserved biomaterial

More than ten years of experience in cryo transportation

Coordinated partner team of logistics and courier service profile IVF

IVMED OVO helps in providing a set of measures for the delivery of biomaterial «door-to-door»

Start building your new family
from this moment on!

You have a great chance to find the person who have not only the appearance resemblance close to yours, but also corresponds to you mentally 

Your confidence

Egg and sperm donors with photos

Free access to our donor catalogue (just registration is required)

Online donor search

Free donor candidate selection and reservation (depends on program specifics)

Find egg and sperm donors 

Visit IVMED OVO's donor e-base
to find your ideal candidate for egg and sperm donation

How to use donor base?


For your convenience, we developed the filters based on eye color, height etc. Use filters to find a donor, corresponding to your criteria, and to shorten your search! You can use pre-search without registration to check if you can find suitable donor in IVMED OVO base


You can use the following criteria for your search :

Age, Race, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair type, Hair Color, Nose shape, Blood type, Face type etc.


To find a suitable candidate, register in catalogue and get the access to full donor profiles. Detailed information will help you understand whether the donor is similar to your personality or you just like the personality of the selected donor

Frequently asking questions

How long can you keep my reservation of donor candidate?

We can hold your reservation for 1 week in case of signing agreement with our Health Care Partner Fertility Centre IVMED. After 1 week, you should let us know what your future treatment plans are.

Should I pay for reservation?

No, you do not.

May I request more information about donor?

Yes, you can request additionally information, that may help to make your perfect choice